We are a group of Ankara-based professionals in the fields of law, economics, advertising and public policy. We have known each other and worked together for almost a decade. In 2018, we founded GATE as a place where we could come together on a permanent basis and serve our clients.

GATE develops business for those who want to invest in new areas. We draw from a pool of experts from various fields (GatePool) to think about our clients’ problems and offer solutions.

A gate to investment fields

GATE explores profitable investment opportunities and help our clients their purchasing or merger processes.

A gate to management consultancy support

GATE offers management consulting services to support its customers in improving their performance, profitable and lasting growth. In management consultancy, we focus on areas of branding, digital marketing, macroeconomic forecasting, competitiveness and foreign trade strategies. Thanks to our extensive expert network, we use the most up-to-date quantitative techniques to produce solutions that have scientific relevance to difficult questions.

Our hands-on team provides services in mergers and acquisitions, valuation, due diligence (legal, tax-related, and financial), as well as tax structuring. We have extensive experience in devising communication strategies, business development, training and providing legal council.