We are a group of Ankara-based professionals in the fields of law, economics, advertising and public policy. We have known each other and worked together for almost a decade. In 2018, we founded GATE as a place where we could come together on a permanent basis and serve our clients.

GATE develops business for those who want to invest in new areas. We draw from a pool of experts from various fields (GatePool) to think about our clients’ problems and offer solutions.

While GATE offers a regular consultation service to its customers on a momentary, weekly and monthly basis, it also presents a monthly update on Turkey titled as The Turkey Monthly which covers evaluations of domestic-foreign policy, economy and law.

GATE also performs effective consultation services in such areas as designing economy policy within the framework of different macro scenarios, determining and interpreting macroeconomic leading indicators, forecasting macroeconomic data, designing regional and sectoral industry policy, external environment analysis, ex-ante and ex-post impact analysis, evaluating public programs and policies, regional development policies, public incentives and supports, survey design and survey data analysis, economic analysis of labor markets, productivity analysis on company, sector and regional level. Through its developing cooperation, GATE stands out in supervision, communication strategies and branding.